Work similarly for all four pixels, and then move to the next one. The author of bsnes has released a space-efficient implementation of hq2x to the public domain. Board index All times are UTC. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. This makes it useful for scaling the details in faces, and in particular eyes.


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This makes image scaling of pixel art a particularly xbbrz problem. Another edge-directed interpolation filter. So it would be good if that technique was added to xBZR too.

xBRZ – High quality image scaler for ePSXe

Luckily I was randomly browsing the forums and seen the plugin was lost. It’s a different plugin. It xbez you how to compile it with your gcc. Last edited by ZenJu on Finally, overlooked single-pixel details are restored if the corresponding pixel in the source image is different and the destination pixel has three identical neighbors.

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VOGONS • View topic – SCALER xBRZ (SDL1)

It then calculates what rotation offset to use by favoring sampled points which are not boundary pixels. I can’t find the plugin in the attachment. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. EDIUpsizer [28] is a resampling filter that upsizes an image by a factor of two both horizontally and vertically using NEDI new edge-directed interpolation.



Does using the openmp with task granularity work? Any chance of a shader implementation that would work in the revs that support shaders?

Any given interpolation approach boils down to weighted averages of neighbouring pixels.


Both the size of the network and the neighborhood it examines can be tweaked for a speed-quality tradeoff: This method is explained in detail here. This would be nice as a truetype font It produces far fewer artifacts than nearest-neighbor rotation algorithms, and like EPX, it does not introduce new colors into the image unlike most interpolation systems. Xemnas Member Feb 14, Zenju New Member Apr 24, I’m posting the make output as an attachment.

MSVC seems to be more lenient than other compilers when dealing with templates. Developers wishing to use it in a non-GPL project would be required to rewrite the algorithm without using any of Kreed’s existing code.

Board index All times are UTC. Joined Mar 7, Messages 1 Reactions 0 Points 1. The biggest advantage compared to standad scalers like HQx are less washed-out background textures and less pixelation in general.


Pixel-art scaling algorithms

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Work similarly for all four pixels, and then move to the next one.

This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat From a technical standpoint it’s not trivial. Note that this algorithm, like the Xbez algorithm below, has a flaw: Tested with gcc 4.

Thread starter Zenju Start date Apr 24, It is based xrbz DOSBox 0. The upcoming versions of xBR with additional anti-aliasing and anti-de-dithering checks look nice.