It could be very beneficial to event planners and anyone in the industry, to create an application for their event. Email required Address never made public. Creating custom app UI has never been this easy. I think it is going to be very beneficial to future Rosen College students that are planning events — and other activities. You are commenting using your WordPress.


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The options were abundant which was nice, to bad we could not access some of them. Tiggzi is a great site for creating a mobile app. Rename the service instance to: My group and I could work on this app creator as a team to create an app for a bridal expo with a Paris theme.

I always thought that creating mobile apps was something that was extremely expensive and difficult to create. You can find out what Max is up to on his blog: The best thing about this is that the Backend Services are integrated into the app tivgzi. Creating custom app UI has never been this easy.

Manage access with role based team management and permissions. Be the first to share this titgzi with your network! Learn how your comment data is processed. Click Edit Mapping to bind tiggsi service to the page.


Tiggzi – The Cloud-based HTML5 and Hybrid Mobile App Builder, Now Free! – Max Katz

Enter word and mark it as Placeholder. One of the benefits of the site is that it allows you to view the app to see what it would look like from a users perspective.

No credit card nothing, just sign up and start building your mobile app. Apps built with Appery.

Tiggzi News from Exadel – July

The service editor will open. I think that this is a great alternative as opposed to hiring a company to make an app.

A great tool that was way to use and awesome for students to learn. Published January 26, Open Response tab to see response structure.

Guest post: Building mobile apps with Tiggzi Platform

The rise and fall of a programming language How to implement a switch-case statement in Python Kotlin vs Java: Tiggzi was a great tool to learn how to create mobile apps. As a student in the field of Non-profit Event Management I can see how this site can help special events become more successful. Developers can instantly test their apps in browser or on the device.


Tiggzi is a user-friendly program that was a lot easier to use than I thought it would be and has so many capabilities! Tiggizi is the new and upcoming site to create apps. The app will hopefully look like this: Introduction to Tiggzi Platform Tiggzi is a powerful cloud-based mobile app platform that provides the following: Tiggzi was a little complicated at first, but once you played around with it a few times it was simple and easy.


I can see a program of tigzi nature being useful with virtually any event wanting to engage attendees in a fun and relevant way.


You are able to test and view your app just as you would see it on your tiggzl. It was a little confusing at the beginning, but the chat tool made it really easy to get any questions answered. Tiggai sounded like an exciting project. If you open the Test menu, you will see there is an option to launch the app without the mobile frame: Plug-ins are prepackaged API services, pages and data binding that add powerful functionality to your app instantly.