If an orange disk falls onto an explosion cloud, it will not immediately explode. Gary Kufchak – All bugs that followed from this new technique have been exploited by fans and are often required in some levels by fans to complete them. Wait until the orange disk falls into the tile above you, and then quickly move one or more if you want tile s down. To learn more about the game characters, click on ‘GFX-tutor’ near the top right of the screen and you will see a screen with the Cast of Characters. Its authors are Michael W. Choose ‘DOS-Prompt only’ and the graphics problems should be gone.

supaplex 2.1 2

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Supaplex Remake

Return to the main menu by pressing [Esc]. Wait until the orange disk falls into the tile above you, and then quickly move one or more if you want tile s down.

Wayne Erhart – To succeed you will need to turn back just when the Snik Snak enters the tile adjacent to you. There are currently more than 50, levels available on Rocks’n’Diamonds -related pages.

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The playable ones are included in Supaplex In order to do so, you must have collected the required number of Infotrons first. Bruce Hayward – If the zonk is rolling or falling down and it becomes frozen, it will usually complete its move until it is placed in the next field. Murphy the player can eat the object [lethal]: And supa;lex you start the game again, it will stretch again!


The difference between this cheat and the cheat that uses the parameter ‘ ‘ see aboveis that it is still possible to see your game progress once you supalex restarted the game.

Some other levels were added to make it contain levels. Paul Negoescu – Click on the bars on top and bottom of it to select other names. This is not really a trick, but a bug in Supaplex. Andy’s Extra Extra Large Levels.

supaplex 2.1 2

If eupaplex are desperate for a little time, you can make use of the slowness of many objects in the game. Officially this belongs to the Cheats sectionbut because you can also change the player’s name, this utility is not always used for cheating and is that’s why it is listed here.

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Converted levels from the Boulderdash game ‘Mr. If Murphy starts pushing an object when it’s not moving yet suupaplex tile next to the object-to-push will be occupied.

Various levelsets from the Levels section were originally designed for this game, but as it uses the same file types, its levels can also be played in the classic Supaplex. This is a very dangerous Utility Disk: You probably know that you can turn around Snik Snaks and electrons by running away from them as they come close.


With this utility you can read level collection files. The object which you have placed there will just disappear.

Supaplex (Classic)

An explodable wall is put into the border area. In special cases, it is possible to make two zonks from one. Push the object on the second disk, so you can use the first one for the next position.

supaplex 2.1 2

Supaplex Editor view screenshot Humble Tim An editor in text mode. This is his story slightly modified: They look exactly the same as normal ones, but these make Murphy have gravity when he comes out of them! Dmitry Sergeyev – Tomas Stehlik – SetDemo Elmer Productions A small utility to convert new Supaplex demos to old ones and vice versa. A trick that will be useful if you need to transport an orange disk over a gap.