This is because when you press a key on a keyboard it actually produces two signals – one when you press it and another when you let go. This process can be expensive and not all vendors vendors bother to certify every release. I’ve tried assigning the sliders and rotators to mixture, prop, etc. February 2nd, , Donation System provided by vBDonate v1.

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These are basically anything that has a range of movement on your controller such as a rudder twist, throttle lever or rotary switch. You will be prompted to name the command. To create a macro, right click on the button cell to which you want to assign the macro and then select New Macro from the drop-down menu.

This could be important depending on the game you’re playing. The name of the profile should ideally be the name of the game for which you have created the profile. You must log in or register to reply here. Ouch, I’m now wondering why I didn’t read about these when I was doing my research.

For example, with the Advanced Editor you could set a command that launches a missile when you press the button. You can also saigek an axis to initiate different keypresses depending on which direction it is moved in. To do this, click on the name cell at the top of the column, and then type your new name. If you are not loading a custom profile, you won’t get the screen info. To do this, select the cell as above, and choose Directional axis.


This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I guess I just have an oddball system here. You should now see prodile columns of Shifted and Unshifted cells. Directional Axis You can also program an axis to initiate different keypresses depending on which direction it is moved in.

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Just as pressing the shift button on a PC keyboard can give the keys different functions, so a different games controller shiftstate makes it possible to program its buttons and axes with another set of functions.

The time now is The sensitivity slider allows you to alter how often the programmed keypress is made for a certain range of movement of the axis. You also have the option for the POV to operate as either a set of programmable buttons the number of which is selected by choosing 8 way or 4 wayor as a mouse. Microsoft also only loads MS certified drivers. Always one for the simple solution: Maybe I’ll calm down soon and try your idea.

Would be nice if you explained what you did so I can recreate it. However, a simple sequence of keystrokes, can be interrupted by releasing the button. Xx52 the Profile To activate the profile, click on the proflie icon at the top of the window, then close the Profile Editor. In the example you can see that the S key was held down for x522. I also used two of the toggles under the stick – one for the Concorde Nose and one for cowl flaps.


Just as with keystrokes, the editor will prompt you to name your command.

Saitek X52 Profile Editor. In order for the multiple keystrokes not programmed as a macro to happen you have to keep the assigned button held down until all of the commands have activated. As with basic keystroke sequences, the delay between macro keystrokes will be exactly as you have input them, unless you choose to change the sequence timings. In this example we’ll create a simple program where moving throttle 1 of our Cyborg X will give an ‘A’ keystroke and moving it in the other will give a ‘B’ keystroke.

I went into the configuration screen and it looks “normal” to me.

Obviously there are others whose mileage has varied. You can now input mouse commands by left or right-clicking or scrolling up or down.