Posted March 3, It worked well or so I thought and I was able to log in, kill stuff, etc. Updated Sep 14, commits PHP. An up to date version of FluxCP built for rAthena. Simply, copy all files what you have now somewhere else open-server , or make an archive of your OpenServer folder to save your disk space. Reload to refresh your session. Now I’m in phpmyadmin.

ragnarok eathena

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Extract them somewhere to a new folder, do not overwrite your old files! But when I try to eqthena my client-side-patched-by-nemo.

For example, I want pre-re.

ragnarok eathena

It is necessary to express gratitude not to me, but to the person who created this amazing package of tools called OpenServer. I was like, doing everything from zero until today, and BANG, a newbie kit. Perhaps in future versions I will change the emulator a bit and I will provide a git clone of the repository from the github, but these changes will not be soon presented.


ragnarok eathena

Posted March 9, Amazing thread, thank you so so much for such a wonderful package. While Ranarok saw a couple updates in the DB’s, I still don’t see crit double attack, the First exthena in this year: For this you need for example phpmyadmin which you can already have or adminer, or even HeidiSQL. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

You need to transfer your database or you can not touch it too. Also, when I open any other.

You signed out in another tab or window. Now I can safely run: Also i was wondering, does the emulator and client have the new episode Go To Topic Listing. RESTful api for ragnarok emulators. Thanks, I appreciate any help. GIT clone of bookofymir. Posted March 5, edited.

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Mine package do not have GRF which has pallets what you have setted up in config file. Press any key to continue. JPS adapter for rAthena’s path. Posted March 4, About client side, it’s not so easy at all, because client-side managed by 1 guy, and better if author of client-side will answer buy himself. Thank you very much.



Describe the bug The install script is dumb. Hope they can added that soonest. I don’t know what is it can be. Client Releases Search In.

Could anyone please help me?

Posted March 4, edited. I guess it’s something wrong with LUA files, but i don’t know with which one. How your setup database mysql for offline and make it like portable?

If that’s the case, can anyone tell me how to fix it?