But if the 3DS is already V4. So we list all r4i-sdhc cards in the market currently, not only help you to choose a good flashcard, but also find the correct kernel for installation. The before version is the r4i-sdhc V2. Gateway 3DS team will do more work to improve it in future. Things that initially look suspect on the card were:. Could you upload your files? It means the Gateway 3DS card will contain all function of old R4 card.

r4 sdhc v2 20t kernel

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R4i upgrade version 2. Supercard DSTwo made by supercard. Is this 3DS card already released?

R4i Revolution For DS DSi 3DS roms •

Below r4 cards support 3DS V4. The first real 3DS flashcard released. R4i upgrade version 1. The complete 1GB file will take up to 5 minutes to be verified, at which point the LED will turn constant green. Before making the upgrade of R4i v2. Why has the entire card been given a facelift rather than just updating the firmware and keeping it in the same box? R4 cards locked by 3DS V4.


r4 sdhc v2 20t kernel

The latest released kernel nowadays sdyc R4i 3DS v4. We hope you are as excited as we are! And after breaking my head trying to find out why my R4 was not working I saw in a forum that I had to create a folder called games and some game inside It means the Gateway 3DS card will contain all function of old R4 card.

R4i Renovation SDHC V2.20T Firmware 2018

Each of the kernel can be download from the official website or r4town. But if the 3DS is already V4.

It is easy to update 3DS system to V4. Please download the latest firmware for update. R4i Gold Pro from r4i-gold. The R4 3DS centry is coming!

To bring enough power, make sure the 3DS console connecting with the AC charger. Whenever you have encountered the problem of white-screen, black-screen or system shut-down etc while playing, please re-start the handheld and get into R4i Oerneland then navigate the cursor to the “GOLDR4.


The official factory has ceased making the old style packaging and will be replacing it with the new style packaging.

New R4 SDHC v2.10T Card

Users just power on the 3DS console, choose: No need any upgrade, just download the latest r4 kernel for installation. They are same in functions and software. This product is not ‘hard’ to install, but is very easy for you to stuff up your console. Is it better than r4i card?

r4 sdhc v2 20t kernel

I have an old r4 gold card, it is V1. If any test fails the diagnostics will halt on that test. R4i-Gold 3DS card from r4i-gold. Log in or Sign up. Gateway 3DS card will be on sale sehc mid of June!

Check the download section HERE for all required files. Monday, 30 September at