Okay this game is awesome! PEPI characters respond interactively and express their emotions. After a thorough cycle of 5 seconds the machine beeped and I hung my clothing to dry on the line, which is a clear indication that the app developers are European as the dryer is quite American and not common-place in the typical European home. Pepi Bath 2 is a role playing game, a toy and a little helper — depends on what are you looking for. This app could provide a basis for developing a routine that both child and parent were really happy with, or just simple entertainment if that were all that was required. But everyone else cheap cheap cheap!

pepi bath for ipad

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Obviously I chose the wild-haired, wide-eyed girl to play. It’s actually fun, especially when bubbles gets involved! Ask kids to imagine their own fairy tales and use the game as a digital stage. Dozens of characters and hundreds of usable items is a perfect opportunity to learn new words, storytelling, imagination and just a little bit of acting through roleplay.

Pepi Bath Review: Bathroom Training In An App! – iPad Kids

Overall, this app has been well thought out, and designed very capably to meet the requirements of young children and their carers. Still not finding what you’re looking for? For some weird reason my kids love to wash their hands. The graphics and sound throughout the game are of a very high quality – each background, character and animation really pops from the screen and will be sure to engage young players.


Sign Up to read more. All aboard and get ready to visit Pepi Wonder World! Explore 3 star certified apps for free. Ok I feel cheated because there’s not much you can do. Baby Hazel Learns Manners. Although on the face of it the app is for entertainment alone, it really connects to the way that young children learn, and seeks to address many of the problems that parents of preschoolers have with trying to maintain a healthy routine for their youngsters.

‎Pepi Bath Lite on the App Store

Game play is really as simple as tapping, swiping, and dragging, and steps are indicated by fun animations. Keep updated – follow us: The game is full of bsth mini tasks and small surprises. The characters respond bayh and express their emotions. When she was finished she pointed to her rear and the toilet paper magically unrolled to tell me what I needed to do next, and so on, until I was once again commended for my help in the bathroom.

Wash their clothes, bathe them, etc. What’s the point of making the full version free?

This game lacks shiny bells and loud whistles in a good way which is great for the recommended age group. Find the hidden keys and jewels. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

pepi bath for ipad

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Sep 4, Version 1. In the laundry room your character of choice appears with muddy clothing which needs to be cleaned in the nearby washing machine. What came next was simultaneously hilarious and slightly gross; it was the actual sound of, uh, virtual defecation if you will. The kids can choose between the both of them and decide with whom they want to dispute with over the next 4 levels — which I personally think is perfectly solved.


pepi bath for ipad

As a mom with little ones it’s important that you have the right tools when they are beginning to use technology. My Pretend Airport Town.

Pepi Bath 2

It’s a fun way to experience bathroom routines and take care of cute, little friends. This game easily teaches even the youngest iPad user all about proper hygiene without leaving an ocean of water all over the bathroom floor.

Parents, beware of ipar realistic toileting sounds! The likeable characters are very relatable, and there are so many aspects covered that provide useful starting points for discussions and behaviour modelling.

The game is full of similar mini tasks and small surprises. We want to introduce you to a fantastic role-play kids app game: