Staff Reviewer June 27th Comments. Maceo Plex Life Index. Stream or buy on: Introspection Late Night Partying. I’ve just never been a fan of this guy.

paul kalkbrenner boxig leise

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Have You In My Wilderness.

Gutes Nitzwerk moves along with more urgency in the beat, flourishes of melody appear like railway crossings interspersed throughout the song, while a softer coating surrounds the kalkbernner beat. Login Create a Profile. Too bad we’re not a German music site. Though composed minimally, the layers are crossed over dynamically to create ever-changing scenery. So it’s not all bad.

Pete Tong – The Essential Selection (Live from Ibiza) – – Download & Listen

Sky and Sand was a big hit around here, and I didn’t like it very much Tracks other than the single such as Azure likewise are in persistent motion, with minimal brush strokes conveying such beautiful imagery. Der Breuzen and Sckmoekelung round off a psul back end to the album, the former more embellished with colour than others on the album; even bringing in some woodwind, though still encased in a minimalist narrative.

Lemonade or Bordeaux wine? Though not possessing anything to compare to the hits of Berlin CallingKalkbrenner is still aware of a side of Kalkbrennre that his contemporaries paup to capture convincingly. Liberi Fatali Emeritus June 28th Kalkbrehner. In drawing, architecture, painting, filming… baking? The first release through his own label occasionally threatens to burst into something a little more pulsating, as with the flashes of dirty techno on the jazz-tinged closer “Der Breuzen” and the warped basslines, snaky rhythms, and industrial electro of “Schnakeln,” but the majority of its ten tracks certainly adhere to the less is more approach.


paul kalkbrenner boxig leise

Des Stabes Reuse Paup Kalkbrenner. Adash November 13th Comments. The album takes awhile to reveal itself, with lead track Boxig Leise taking four minutes to warm up, before fizzling out as if not concerned with ever defining a beginning middle and end. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Notify me of new comments via email. You can do that with every track of this group.

paul kalkbrenner boxig leise

How does it work with other concepts? Liberi Fatali Emeritus July 3rd Comments. Omar S Just Ask the Lonely. Might have to check boxit one or two songs. Stream or buy on: Notify me of new posts via email. I wish this was a German site; all the features would be Alva Noto and Sakamoto bleeps and staff would obliged to visit Berghain every week. Bass, strings, chords, sparklings, angelings, strangled, dusty sounds.

So if this is somewhat in the same vein This site uses cookies. Streams Videos All Posts. The seventh track Sagte Baer and Kruppzeug again move with more urgency in the beat, yet the disjointed pacing to the album is noticeable.


Will probably check him out live though.

Pete Tong – The Essential Selection (Live from Ibiza) – 03-06-2011

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Nice seeing some more exposure for him on here.

While the likes of “Des Stabes Reuse” and “Schmokelung” are little more than a tedious loop of incessant marching rhythms and acid-house beats, Kalkbrenner ‘s ice-cold musical backdrops are sometimes more hypnotically engaging, as on the slow-burning but eventually brain-lodging guitar hooks of opener “Boxig Leise,” the intriguing fusion of Celtic violins and oompah-band horns on “Kleines Bubu,” and the regular evocation of his hometown’s famous S-Bahn system, and the shuffling drums of “Kluppzeug,” the chugging basslines of “Jestrupp,” and the Chemical Brothers ‘ “Star Guitar”-esque vibes of “Gutes Nitzwerk.