I don’t think that you can load someone else’s save file on a different machine – I sure someone will tell me if I’m wrong. Please patch this Kalypso, especially as seemingly it has been a know issue for the last 2 years! Attach the file “dxdiag. Sep 20 , After playing for about 2hrs the same “BEX-“-error as mentioned by Sirinon appeared on my Win7 64bit system. The new target may be the same distance or further away happened several times so far , but I have yet to see it pick a closer target.

patrizier 4 patch 2.0.4

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Patrician 4: Rise Of A Dynasty V2.0.4 Trainer

Each time an event video plays, it won’t close its screen after it’s finished. The new target may be the same distance or further away happened several times so farbut I have yet to see it pick a closer target.


patrizier 4 patch 2.0.4

Reply alexwy Newbie Posts: Event Video won’t close after playing Status: The user can only take control of one ship at once. I update to the sp3 and the error was corrected! Routes can be disable and enable again, but nothing happens.

Every event video happening after these freezes at the end of its playtime. Please post a DxDiag.

The game crashed for no reason. The Original P4 sea battles do not display this problem. Reply Stackmo Newbie Posts: Mar 18 Mar 23 So, knowing this, this issue may actually be an intended designed game feature. Sep 27 Mar 25 This post was last modified: Same stuff in windows 8.

patrizier 4 patch 2.0.4

Can be found on the games forum. Sep 22 Copied from post from V2. Looking forward to trade again! I can see the red line pointing to the correct target. Thorin Hack seinen Kopf ab.

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Thought I would Report this, this was also on campaign. Two things to look at: I have successfully installed and patched IV to 1.


There is vibration on the ship images — patruzier if they are both still trying to go forward. If you haven’t already tried it – uninstalled the add-on and the game – then reinstall from scratch.

Patrician IV : Patches, Updates, Addons, Downloads (The Patches Scrolls)

No way you test for that but an interesting feature!! I figured out this ” bug “, “flaw”, “Undesigned Game Feature”, or whatever you want to call patrizker.

patrizier 4 patch 2.0.4

The error occurs in many different situations. Rise of a Dynasty run OK in Windows 10? Yes -it’s the restart P4 that I missed.