Diamhea , January 28th, My advice to Myself: I can see the new Decapitated being really good, Vogg is a genius riff wizard. Retrieved from ” https: I think they’re also fun albums for different reasons, but overall, it’s sad to say that this kind of album will very likely never be created by the band again.

organic hallucinosis

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Decapitated – Organic Hallucinosis – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

They haven’t pulled an In Flames on us or anything like that. Not to say I agree with people that detest their later work, because I’ll be the first to admit that Blood MantraAnticultand Carnival is Forever are downright fun albums to jam to. Only a handful of other albums will ever be perfect. My visions all flounder in the whirl Of blood storm See, feel, smell Organiic see plastic Jesus nailed to the cross The black hole of nothingness absorbs all I see, I feel, I smell Doom, nihility, holocaust comes The cataclysm I have feared comes Doom, nihility, holocaust comes Organic hallucinosis!

All objects complete in themselves Many worlds buried in them Each world as worlds and objects endlessly Everything continuously in flux New things from new they born. Organic is by far the best album you’ve released, and I as well as a million others i’m sure, are salivating for the next slice of the Decapitated pie. Lick my wounds Lucid dream, our world turns to chaos Demonic shadows floating in blood Waiting for me to fall asleep They whisper, deep Hallucinlsis my head an outstanding pain Millions of voices screaming for help Their venom poured all over me An essence of hate So powerful it destroys Help me!


They are pretty good in my opinion, but I don’t know how other people will take the change The dignity of this extremely talented group of Polish youths has been bludgeoned by an offering of pure half-thrash horse shit. This is something of a shame, as there is a decent amount of quality material here; just don’t expect it to be technical.

Masked by hallhcinosis and mystery Dim lit heads, the masterminds Transparent faces, silent control Yet knowing the unknown. Some of the hallucinlsis of the album is pretty faceless and lacks a clear purpose.

Take the first half of the songs, then cut and paste that and add them at the end, making them double in length. Doom, nihility, holocaust comes The cataclysm I have feared comes Doom, nihility, holocaust comes.

Organic hallucinosis – Oxford Reference

At first I couldn’t get into the vocals, but after a few listens I got used to them. Sadly, this is not the case. Some of Vogg’s hallucinosiis work in my opinion.

organic hallucinosis

Vitek and Vogg first start from a basic bridge section of the song that is more open and melodic, with the drums allowing the guitars to carry the listener through. What seals the deal is the live act. The oft-disregarded bass is given a clear sense of purpose next to the rhythm of the kit.

Characterizing organic hallucinosis.

With everything else that’s happening, it seems to be lost somewhere. I’d say this was the most out of place item in existence if it were on one of Decapitated’s previous offerings.

The tone of the guitar is akin to a medium rare piece of steak- lots of muscle mixed with a good amount of fat, which creates a perfect amount of juiciness. The universe fucks us once again out of a dementedly talented musician, well before his time, and its a shame that hallucinsois would never experience what the same four would have done on an Organic followup. UnorthodoxAugust 12th, Orvanic would continue with a new lineup for the mediocre Carnival is Forever, a bouncier and dumbed down Decapitated for a new decade.


organic hallucinosis

The guitars are thick and cruchy. This however, sums this latest release up perfectly. I like to imagine that they might have gone back to that creative riffing of the debut and then embedded that into the caustic brutality employed on this record, a potential game changer.

The finale of the album begins with some great hypnotic guitar tones and hallucinosjs fast drum-work before hunkering down to wholesome Death Metal awesomeness.

The production gives enough breathing space to organif melodies so that the overall sound avoids a muddled mess of low-end notes. Truly new boundaries are being formed here. The song rarely returns the same after hallucinoais moments, giving even the mechanized aspects a better feel to them. Why must I be born? This doesn’t even feel like a failed experiment: A decent song if you’re a fan of male twinkings at Manilla Road shows.