Every share must have a primary group, of which there can be only one. A block device can be any local or imported disk unit that is to be used exclusively as a volume group object i. You’re using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. For cases where network configuration is not performed during installation, e. Members of the Group 6. What are you thinking about?

openfiler advanced iscsi target plugin

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Posted November 19, Openiler displays the Secure Console page, as shown in the following igure. Rather than chunking data bits and spreading them across two or more physical disks, mirroring writes identical data bits to two or more physical disks so that in the event of a disk failure, at least one disk in the RAID set still has a complete copy of the data.

Openiler displays the Notiication Coniguration p,ugin, as shown in the following igure. Performance on writes can also slightly degrade as the data needs to be writen at least twice for the write operation to be considered complete. To select all groups click the x link on the table header.


Group Access Configuration 4. To achieve beter performance, this should be set to “Yes”.

Advice on Shared Storage for Proxmox Cluster

Openiler displays the Network Interface Details page, as shown in Figure 9. Enter the desired username in the Username ield 5.

openfiler advanced iscsi target plugin

Targte are made of entire logical volumes and can be enabled for sharing to users on the network. Openiler displays the User Quota page, as shown in Figure On the menu, click the User List link. The details are identical to what was entered for the boot partition except this time the Mount Point: Editing a Share 7. Netmask This ield displays tarhet sub Netmask address. Click the appropriate Enable or Disable link to modify the service status.

How To Configure OpenFiler iSCSI Storage | Unixmen

I hope someone knows the solution to this problem. Openiler displays the page as shown in the following igure. Openiler displays the iSNS Server page as shown in the following igure.

Enter the appropriate folder name and click the Create Sub-folder buton. Openiler displays the coniguration page.

Advice on Shared Storage for Proxmox Cluster | Proxmox Support Forum

Primary Group Select the primary group from the drop-down list. In my experience, though, Solaris is not that forgiving when it comes to adding layers between it and hardware, even via passthrough.


Openfiler supports both standard NT4 domain controllers as well as native and mixed mode Active Directory authentication. The available options are: Targrt t Configurati on 4. What’s new New posts Latest activity.

The Network Access Coniguration section in the Network Setup adavnced is displayed as shown the following igure. Please note that Openiler only supports target-mode with Qlogic chipsets.

openfiler advanced iscsi target plugin

Port Enter the port number. Set read-only support on LUN. This section explains how to add physical volume s to a volume group. In the unlikely event that you will be using DHCP to conigure the network address, you can simply select OK and proceed to the next stage of the installation process.

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