The system analyzes potential release check conflicts for all open transport requests in the development system and import check conflicts for all released transport requests in all systems into which they can be imported. A link to the change cycle document in the WebClient UI, where the conflicts can be checked and handled, is provided. It will download a zip file containing the personal information name, email, custom fields The downgrade protection function tracks objects in transport requests, and reports conflicts in five scenarios when an object that is saved in two or more transport requests, is released, reassigned, or imported. Added flashing support for L, ZV In this case, the customer will try to avoid editing the same set of objects in different releases, but this may still happen.

nspro 6.1.5

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The value “Never”, in ‘Cancel at’ field, means that the system never cancels the action. Added T, TV, I automatic baseband repair.

Read the instructions attached to each file very carefuly PS. Added E Monte Slider support. User needs to go to Transport-Related Checks assignment block — Downgrade Protection tab to check and ignore the Predecessor check conflict.

Новые версии NsPro только тут [Архив] – Mobile-Files

Downgrade checks are triggered automatically when releasing transport requests, importing, decoupling, assigning transport requests or when reassigning a change document. Patched files are available on Nspro support area. Added some reference variables to optimize memory during the import Changed the action script to avoid some nsprro with SEF engines Improved the vm filter to take the user-id or e-mail so both will work even nsro the user changed his e-mail address after his purchase Bug nzpro Fixed problem “could not instantiate mail function” lately introduced in 1.


The current step is shown on the workflow bar: Last NsPro version can be found on official NsTeam webpage: It will solve the mass sending from certain users.

Please update to new version to continue using NsPro.

AcyMailing Change log

Fixed D flashing bug. If yes, user will get a message in the change document saying that the release of TR2 is not possible due to open conflicts.

nspro 6.1.5

Bug fix Do not consider file: Added safe flashing when using repair mode for E, F, U Ensure that you have applied the latest version of the Change Request Management master note for your patch level. You can also trigger a downgrade check from a task list.

Added a search box on the filter selection to enable you to easily find the list you’re looking nspr while writing your Newsletter. Only NsPro Box required!

This is now fixed. .61.5 several android operations. In case there is any problem, an error will be raised and no hspro can be performed as long as DGP is active. Is highly recommended to use latest nspro version Latest NsPro version is available on NsPro webpage: Latest nspro version can be downloaded from nsspro website: Software available for download on NsPro support area and on official NsTeam website www.


Bug fix Could not save the config fixed! Views 12, Downloads Version 5. Added i Galaxy unlocking support. When you are running a manual check “Perform downgrade protection” in a change document DGP will make a DGP release check, predecessor check, imminent check one by one. So you can give rights to one user independently of his group.

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Created by Dolores Correalast modified on Sep 20, Currently this ” Distribution lists ” system can forward the email to a list or to some specific users You can now directly send a simple email. Prepared the version to be compatible with Joomla 1.

nspro 6.1.5

Fixed minor sysol communication bugs.