I can’t believe I bought a dress just for that mess Mshoza Bhoza “Queen Of Kwaito”. I like seeing people succeed. But lately, it looks like the kwaito artist has an appetite for positivity. Have you checked emaphepheni basabhala mina? Most Read on IOL.

mshoza vimbani

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Kfed wasnt invited 2 da party,dirty hot bastard!

One of her closest friends, the inimitable Lebo Mathosa, died in a car crash. Brown Shuga 20 Dec Her comeback includes songs like the romantic — or as romantic as kwaito can be — Ngithandana Nawe by Professor. Don’t worry wena – I’ll get you the album Is vimbanni me or Terry Pheto is one of the worse actresses in SA??????

mshoza vimbani

Sexyzimasa 03 Dec I made comment to my sister about the cover, iyoooooooo ibayenzanga ijustice kuSophie period. Ok i’m done but i need cnglemother to reply about Whitney Houston.


Télécharger mshoza ft mzambiya kortes

TheLady 04 Dec Are you going to meet Lebo? Khafo 04 Dec My new album is called Queen of Kwaito. I don;t blame him BS Suga yekela mshlza kuboJulius malema I bought the mag yesterday because it one of my favourites. Mshoza knows what she wants.

Télécharger mshoza ft mzambiya kortes

What have they done to Sophie’s face?? WhiteSockGirl 04 Dec Nonny 04 Dec Besides their cover, which I think takes the prize for: Mshoza parted ways with that company, signed to Ziyawamo Productions and brought out The Return — an album that had songs like Hlaba Lingene — in Eish BS i noticed that 2, its like she doesnt even know what Khumbulekhaya is these days.

Eish Amy is really worrying me Yazi What is she famous for?????? Then Mshoza suffered a knock harder than declining CD sales.

Same mjj here,is it yo error BS? She forgot its not where talented people were still in school and she was the best thing we could classify as talented. Vele umom of four ufuinde kangakanani????


mshoza vimbani

You guys are a crazzyy bunch But lately, it looks like the kwaito artist has an appetite vimbnai positivity. Also, I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it but I kinda smelt beef-nyana ANyone i’m missing Tizoz?

They can take the other titles like Queen of Dance. Shame this so called queens are not at peace with themselves, neh.