I don’t rate myself as a turntablist, but I do enjoy the odd wikki wikki texture. Scratching Live clips would seem to be the best of both worlds: Richie Hawtin has a Max For Live device that allows him to save Live sets in their entirety as patches, and switch between them on the fly. And this should be just the beginning, as Ms. With clever use of sampling and re-sampling, that opens up integration with any synths or external audio sources, not just audio clips.

ms pinky ableton

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Vinyl + Ableton: Ms. Pinky and Max for Live Working Now

Are they worth the upgrade? Pinky acts like a scratch-anything device you can drop right into your existing Live set. Pinky to any track and use clips in that track Trigger a clip as you would normally, and it cues right into Ms.

ms pinky ableton

Ablefon Followers Subscribers Followers. Peter Kirn – January 22, Peter Kirn – October 30, I make them with a Live template with the tempo at Pinky at all, just another customer who wanted some functionality and due to the versatility of the software was able to extend it. Depending on the track it does different stuff, launch scenes, one shots, beat juggle using a rack abletob using a delay http: By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

A Closer Look at Max For Live – DJ TechTools

I’ll be playing it out soon. Post on the patch with download Information on the update. The results have ranged from custom visual performance to a vibrating chaise lounge controlled by a turntable. What should DJing in Ableton Live look like? Next post Happy Halloween: Please read our Privacy Policy.


ms pinky ableton

Scratching Live clips would seem to be the best of both worlds: So big thanks to Down Low Pinkstah and whoever else has worked on Ms. And so it is that more than a few Ableton fans have wondered how they might work vinyl into their software axe of choice.

ms pinky ableton

I’m really loving that piece of gear, it’s been great for getting the laptop linky view, though I still have to look at it for certain things, like changing Ms Pinky files, but that’s pretty quick and can be done between tracks. In relative mode, you can proceed directly to the beginning of the next clip without back-cueing.

Post on the patch with download Information on the update Some of the tasty features you get: Dennis also has some advice about how to approach learning Max For Live: When I first achieved what I wanted to do, it opened up a whole world of possibilities.

Let us know in the comments! Are you doing it manually, or do you have a setup that can select through options? People have already made use of VST plug-in integration, but because Max for Live also connects to the Live API for control of Live itself, the functionality of the two can be expanded.


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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. Still using Ms Pinky gen3 vinyls at the moment. The net result of all of this: Oh, yeah, and I want to see a vibrating chaise lounge interface inside Ableton, too.

And this should be just the beginning, as Ms. I understand the concern people have about the one big caveat of Max For Live programming You gotta pay to play, and no free runtime limits potential casual usersbut honestly I think Max for Live is a slick enough product to overcome this. How could conventional vinyl cueing and scratching be integrated with the Live environment?

The vinyl control system has long been a highly-precise, solid-performing alternative to better-known names. Lab, we get a first look at the Ms. I run Ms Pinky in absolute mode and set up the audios so the vinyl behaves as a skipless record.