Many of the slit lamps in use today allow the practitioner to rotate the optical section to align with the position of the prism base. A bitoric lens guide that really is simple. Example 14 shows how the SPE concept is used in the diagnostic fitting process:. This will result in a power of These can be obtained by performing the following calculations:. When determining the base curve radii, the tear layer power will result in a change in power.

mandell moore bitoric calculator 1.0

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It was mentioned earlier that if the induced astigmatism that was created as a result of the toric anterior tear layer is corrected, a spherical power effect is created.

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The following examples illustrate the determination of CRA. A periballasted lens design is cut in lenticular form with a high minus carrier. The exact amount would be 0. The LLP can be obtained by subtracting the combined powers of the contact lens and the overrefraction from the spectacle correction. The patient can also wear a trial frame in combination with a low-power cylinder trial lens having hash marks for judgement of rotation Fig. Verification of front surface toric lenses is straightforward.

Essentially, this concept can be simplified to a 1: Because of the time involved, unless the appropriate capculator or a computer-assisted contact lens design program is available, the use of a GP, spherical diagnostic lens for overrefraction to determine the residual astigmatism is advisable.


Therefore, the powers should represent compensated values with the induced cylinder correction on the front surface. From back surface lens toricity measured with the radiuscope to contact lens cylinder power in air manell with the lensometer —multiply by 1.

In addition, problems such as flexure, lens rocking, and flare are minimized.

mandell moore bitoric calculator 1.0

These include the following A GP contact caalculator may cause a reduction in visual acuity that is unacceptable to a patient because of the amount of residual astigmatism. Because it is very easy to underestimate the amount of rotation, always think cwlculator the lens as a clock, with each hour equivalent to 30 degrees.

From contact lens cylinder power in air measured with the lensometer to the contact lens cylinder power in fluid on the eye or induced —multiply by 0.

mandell moore bitoric calculator 1.0

If a diagnostic fitting set is not available as is often the case bitpric, an overrefraction over the best-fitting spherical lenses calculattor assist in determining the final lens powers. It is recommended when patients have lower lids at or below the lower limbus, when large palpebral apertures with loose lids are present, and whenever discomfort is experienced with truncated, prism-ballasted lens designs.

There is one situation in which a back surface toric design would provide the preferable vision correction. Methods of correcting residual astigmatism include spherical GP lenses, spherical soft lenses, soft toric lenses, and front surface toric GP lenses.

A minimum overall diameter OAD of 8. The 3 D diagnostic set is recommended for most bitoric fits.

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There is one situation in which a spherical soft lens would definitely be indicated. With the following formula, subtract the value obtained in step 4 from the spectacle correction to obtain the overrefraction: If the lens is riding inferiorly with little or no movement after the moroe, a minus carrier should be indicated in the final order.


The values obtained in the overrefractions above actually equal the predicted values. The advantages include better optical quality, a thinner design, and no vertical imbalance.

However, it is rarely used because of the rotational instability and flange-induced discomfort. A spherical diagnostic lens with a BCR of Essentially, a bitoric design can be considered as two spherical designs when tear lens power calculations ,andell performed. In this case the axis of the final cylinder power of the right lens is decreased by 15 bitlric, while the cylinder axis of the left lens is increased 15 degrees.

These can be obtained by performing the following calculations:.

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Examples 15 and 16 are representative examples of CPE bitoric fitting. Only gold members can continue reading. Many of the slit lamps in use today allow the practitioner to rotate the optical section to align with the position of the prism base.