Manish Srivastava June 25, at I was looking for this for ages. I just hope somebody knows a good working version for ksoap. Post as a guest Name. I played around with KvmSerializable and MArshalling for a while and found it to be too intrusiv. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I tried the library on something like this:


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To run the stub generator: I am so sorry dear I have no more idea about xml parsing so please ksoap2-android-fhll-2.1.2.jar some google, hope you got anything. And then addMapping of the Person to the SoapEnvelope.

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To be able to map the SOAP response values with the corresponding members. In SoapSerializationEnvelope, attributes get ksoap2-androoid-full-2.1.2.jar to a SoapObject when a nested start tag is detected: Active 7 years, 8 months ago.


VER10 ; If i examine the communication stream with Wireshark, i can see the correct answer from the ws. For Android specifically there is a little project that converted the build to Maven and applied some patches for Android. I am using KXmlParser.



Anonymous November 12, at 6: The link should look something like this: Ksoap2-android-ffull-2.1.2.jar output of transport.

Can you help me please? Is it possible put this in the object or must i’m looking for another way to requet the informations from the ws?

But serializing it ie. All seems ok but when i build the project i get this error there were others similar to this, when using different versions of ksoap:.

In the example above, the request is formatted like this: The default ksoap2-android-full-2.1.2.jsr can be deleted. If you are Karl M Davies… please contact me. The attributeInfoArrayList is simply discarded. Manish Srivastava Ksoap2-aandroid-full-2.1.2.jar 9, at 5: Could you please give us a small working example of how to get hold of the attributes?

And if not work try to download another jar from any where else. In particular I found that xml attributes are not supported for normal parsing when no automatic marshalling is used.

That is how to add a attribute ksoap2-anxroid-full-2.1.2.jar a property?


konmainthreadexception (Android forum at Coderanch)

Thanks for your time! How is it possible to parse next complex types? The link should look something like this:. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: I did however have to find out that SOAP support is generally non existant. This is more complicated but it lets more flexibility if you have to customize: This allows me full control of how I assemble my pojos too.

Download ksoap2-j2me-core-2.1.2.jar : ksoap2 « k « Jar File Download

And i found an other problem. This is more complicated but it lets more flexibility if you have to customize:. First we will create a simple TextView to display our messages and initialize our connection parameters which can be obtained from the WSDL file created in step 1.