Dip into the oblivion world! Or browse results titled:. Andrew Inches go to album. Role Reversal by Big Search. Korg MS 10 A3.

kambo super sound

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Matthew Arnold go to album.

kambo super sound

The Nothing by The Last Dinosaur. Streaming and Download help. Dusty cosmic sonics interfere with slow growing pads, one-hit-percussions, metalic clanks, synth-flutes, psychedelic-SPA-melodies, dark long driven drones with monophonic bass drops, deep church organs and arpeggios.

No More Crying feat. Casio CZ B4.

Kambo Super Sound: Vanntårnet – Hard Wax

This double album follows the rhythmical side of Pomassl’s work, inhering elements of the Skeleton series est. Ingegneria Sismica Alessandro Cortini Mix. Following up ‘s album “Udu” this is slow and powerful — with its set narration, but generous space and time, a room for imagination can cautiously be kept. Consistanty keeping the world of sound brim filled in a masterly manner the narration consists of solo tracks, remixes and collaborations with the late Randy Barracuda, as well as DJ Sotofett and Alessandro Cortini.

The B-side generously presents a very intriguing industrialized metal-saw beauty of an ambient-noise track. A-side journeys 17 min through joyfull components of sound, hiss, melody and texture.


Christian Dugstad – Untitled B1. All tracks are recorded from extremely loud concerts with on-site ultra low frequency installations.

Kambo Super Sound / Don Papa – 1538 Dub / Rebel Danc – Sex Tags Amfibia – AMFIBIA 20

Unable to get this out my head for around a year now. Very Much Performancer B2. Perfectly atmospheric, triggering and genuine. Jamie Cameron conveys heartbreak and loss with violins, acoustic plucking, tambourine beats, and whispered lyrics. Pretention is left aside for upfrontness and most advanced interpretation of these looped bangers are left to happen in the listeners head while segueing into the core of techno.

Straight To Valhalla B2. Nice to hear the roots of Mystery Skulls. Salik – Inna Brixton B. Keiser av en Dimensjon Ukjent Remaster by Mortiis. First LP in new series from Finland, this subdue jazz drone album has the quality of dusk, but is never darker than the Nordic summers. Tags folk electronic experimental indie Oslo. Ismo Laakso’s siper well produced and spaceously mixed Ofelia from is a blend of industrial, avant garde, modern classic, bleeps and clicks.

Excellent post millenuim CD release, a definitive ambient quality mark. The traffic jam of “Dangerous Crossing” is released by the cunning rhythms of “Tabulatuuri” wuper was featured in a different suite on their first LP. Dip into the oblivion world!


kambo super sound

Roland RS B2. Cutting hat’s, tunnel-visioning and simple but detailed slings of futuristic synths thread sojnd whole record together. A DJ Sotofett remix takes the dubs even further while the bleeped “Lehkist” is an excellently deep manifest of the melodic stance this record carries throughout.

Korg MS 10 A3. Click for large image. A proper zone out. With many years in between one can get a hold of an exeptionally catchy synth-music LP – while lingering in the curve of typical “analog synth music” these tracks are sonically senseful, melodically giving and one of the live drum tracks A3 are so well paired with the synths the execution should have been on a “Missing” poster since