In order to delete a cross, press the n -key until the desired cross becomes highlighted in red and then the delete key has to be pressed. The figure below shows the result of the two types of difference images compared to the original image. The darker the green, the more data are available. Click the annotate button and select the annotation shape to change to annotation mode. The grid options panel is shown in the figure below. The download button next to the difference image selection combobox allows the download of the data for the selected layer. The timeline canvas can have multiple y-axes.

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In normal cases, the movie timestamp indicator jheliovuewer black line will jump towards the correct time as can be seen in the figure with locking mode off. Just download the viewer and begin exploring the Sun. Events for the current period will be downloaded and displayed by the image canvas and the timeline canvas if the corresponding event layers are made visible.

The table below records the image providers as of November 4, ; for jhelioviewwer up-to-date list, check the program. The image canvas will show the evolution of the selected feature. The corona button hides the off-disk corona from the images, jhdlioviewer the solar rotation tracking button fixes the camera orientation and co-rotates with the Sun while the movie is played. The number of field lines shown can be varied by decimation when changing the level of detail between 0 and 8.


A dialog box will appear with the detailed information of the event. To change the projection click the projection button and select the projection. A mega-filament erupts on the Sun as seen on JHelioviwer. Zoom, rotate and translate the image until a desired feature is visible.

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All visible layers will be displayed on the timeline canvas. JHelioviewer is visualization software for solar image data based on the JPEG compression standard.

The image layer displayed with a bold name is the master image layer. The figure below shows different views of the model. The darker the green, the more images are available.

JHelioviewer User Manual

New layers are added with increased levels of transparency to avoid fully concealing the layers beneath and the opacity of each layer can be controlled from its options panel. Events that were downloaded are kept in a cache.

Some events are related by rules. The image on the image canvas can be rotated, translated and jhelooviewer. However we suggest you always have at least one layer in layer options before closing the program.

The movie can be advanced by one frame at a time in forward or backward direction. Using this new software, users can create their own movies of the Sun, colour the images as they wish, and image-process the movies in real time. Double-clicking a y-axis will reset its scaling to default. The timeline canvas can have multiple y-axes.


Jheliovjewer to reset the levels. Basic information such as the observatory, instrument, detector and observation time, followed by the full list of FITS keywords, are displayed. More information can be found in the SWEK section and, in particular, in the section on events on the image canvas.

A New Generation of JHelioviewer Now Available « The Helioviewer Project Blog

The expert view allows seeing the image as from a specific location. Information and support requests can be sent to swhv sidc. Dragging and dropping the image layers can change the order. The annotation figure shows an annotated image canvas and the modes when clicking the annotation button.

An event has a standard and an all parameters panel. An image layer has several options shown in the image options figure. The timeline will always be given a new y-axis.

The opacity, the perceived sharpness of the image, the low and the high level can also be adjusted. The image canvas displays in four projections: