Support for 40 watt quad core CPU’s. These cards would not be given resources and would not be usable under an Operating System. Incorrect ports assignments in the BoFM table. BIOS fixes for memory diagnostics support. Support for additional CPUs. Device drivers must make use of the chipset features.

ibm hs21 bios

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ibm hs21 bios

Alternate Boot sequence not being used for Wake On Lan. None of the above, continue with my search. Limited the memory caching to 64GB. Systems using quad core processors with processors in both CPU sockets, will hang when the processor in the first CPU socket is disabled due to errors. Incorrect ports assignments in the BoFM table. A slow USB device might not be enumerated during reboot.

Its symptoms are improper interrupt assignments under the OS. Search results are not available at this time. Support for additional CPUs. Added MRC version 1. Check here to start a new keyword search. Added support for processor ID 6fb. Adjusted the memory initialization code to leave thermal values set to default for memory modules.


Fix Blade reboots after iSCSI Banner Intel microcode fix for a potential memory addressing error in bit operating mode; it could cause page fault, data loss, data corruption or other unpredictable system behavior. System sometimes hangs, but should reboot after a double bit memory error. IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. Selection of iSCSI targets by index is no longer available. Release Date 27 April The system should boot with the first processor socket disabled, using the CPUs in the second processor socket.

Please try again later hs2 use vios of the other support ihm on this page. Watson Product Search Search. Dual core processors are not affected. Support async logout for iSCSI.

Corrected processor power detection algorithm for ns21 processors Fuel Gauge Inventory usage. United States English English. Fixed OS boot problem with 64GB of memory and add-in cards requesting large amounts of resources.

BIOS definition file for use with IBM Advanced Settings Utility – IBM BladeCenter HS21

Corrected a minimal configuration error for iSCSI. Memory Code level 1.


Fixed a Windows hang after installation. Fixed a iSCSI interrupt sharing issue.

ibm hs21 bios

When running in such an unsupported configuration and booting from backup BIOS, the system will not have PXE support and may have invalid processor h21 values for Fuel Guage Inventory. Adjusted thermal monitoring values for processor ID 67A. BIOS fixes for memory diagnostics support.

Fuel Guage Inventory support for low power quad core processors.

Fix Central

The problem is industry-wide, the exposure is believed to be hs12, but IBM strongly recommends that customers install this update as soon as possible to eliminate any exposures. Improved error logging to capture more relevant information for some PCI error cases. Continuous boot sequence with no diskette drive installed.