Build from river rocks, bricks with Roman inscriptions and funerary stones, the Saint Nicholas Church at Densus church makes for an interesting visit. The former Dacian capital was conquered by the Romans in AD. Next, cross the Carpathians into Transylvania and stop by at Densus, where you can find one of the oldest Romanian churches. Some of the monuments found in the heart of this city make fantastic panoramic views, while the many parks of this city make Timisoara, the “city of flowers” a city where you can relax. Timisoara later became a vital medieval commercial and manufacturing town. Timisoara is easy to explore on foot. Visit one of oldest thermal spas in the world.

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In past it was the commercial centre and the venue for numerous military processions and religious ceremonies. Timisoara is easy to explore on foot. Facades are covered with an abundance of typical motifs: Timisoara was the first European city to introduce horse-drawn trams in and electrical street lighting in. It offers a great display of Secessionist architecture. Secessionism in Romania was an important link between the Byzantine style and later modernist architecture.

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A visit at the cellars will give you the opportunity to attend a presentation of the wine making process in the Barrique Hall, and the conservation of bottled wines in the Recas vinoteque – featuring stocks of exceptional vintages. Over the years, Timisoara, the largest city in western Romania, has been influenced by many cultures.


Turks, Austrians, Germans and Serbs all left their mark and their influence can be seen in neighborhoods throughout the city even today.

The city rose on top of the ancient roman fortress Castrum Regium Themes. Opera in Timisoara was appreciated as far hoge as the end of the 18th century.

The Romans used it as an important crossroads fortress until the Tatars destroyed it in the 13th century. Retrieved from ” http: Couple of miles east, climb up to the ruins of the Colti fortress in Suseni.

The airport is located six miles from the city centre. Timisoara, one of the biggest cities in Romania was influenced by different cultures over the years.

General info about Timisoara

Views Page Discuss this page View source Page history. The design was that of Viennese architects, Helmer and Fellner, the authors of numerous concert halls in BudapestVienna and Odessa. Occupying a 14th century castle, this museum boasts sizeable historical and natural history sections.

This dates back to the year The first record of the city sxrbesti Timisoara, it was built on the site of an ancient Roman fortress called Castrum Regium Themes. The murals in the concert hall are inspired by history and popular Romanian fairytales.

These are just few of the things you can do in Timisoara. Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals area.

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Today you can still admire remnants of the forum and the stone amphitheatre, where gladiator shows were held. A progressive, cosmopolitan place, Timisoara was the first city in Europe and second in the world after New York, to use electricity to illuminate its public streets. Joseph Strauss started out as Musical Director at Timisoarawhere he composed and presented the world premiere of Faust’s Life and Deeds.


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The Memorial Museum exhibits uniforms of Romanian militia and military, written testimonies of witnesses and participants in the Revolution, official and personal documents, an audio-visual archive, a library and a collection of newspapers.

Wood, stone and clay homes were taken piece by piece and set up in the beautiful surroundings of Padurea Verde Green Forest. Some of the monuments found in the heart of this city make fantastic panoramic views, while the many parks of this city make Timisoara, the “city of flowers” a city where you can relax.

hore sarbesti

To check the latest train schedules for domestic routes please visit the website of the Romanian Railways:. One of the largest synagogues in Europe, it is currently closed for structural repairs. A video charting the rise and fall of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu may be shown on request.

hore sarbesti

This open-air museum, located three miles from the city centre, exhibits more than 30 sarbestl peasant houses dating from the 19th century.

Take time to relax in the hot spring near the well-preserved 19th century town centre. The abundance of Secessionist architecture is owed to the secessionism that developed in two distinct architectural phases.