But is also the year of the renewal of Jesuit activity in Britain, when the Guy Fawkes Trouble, culminating in the execution of Father Garnett, was beginning to blow over. Turning to the small Lansdowne family it will at once be noticed that two out of three MSS. One has only to attempt to classify the MSS. Indeed, in the latter he replaces ‘ fabricated ‘ by ‘ produced. Mother Church, avoidance of Heresy, and ending with An Admonition. Although the attainder of his father deprived him of an. One has only to set some of the passages side by side to see the very great variations — all too great to render it reasonable to suppose them to have more than a fortuitous relationship.

embarque na nave mc boy do charmes

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For T’is well known. Alban passage as it appears in the Inigo Jones MS. What is meant by the “Masonic world”?

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Terry, Arthur Heiron, G. Chatterton, of Madras; while Bro. History of Wiltshire, and from Freemasonry Dissected, it is difficult to doubt his having been a Mason. For much of the information recorded in the Chapter on the Scottish Templars I am under great obligations to Adam Paterson and William Pringls Esquires both of whom furnished me with valuable Manuscripts. D is the text used here for comparison. charmee

embarque na nave mc boy do charmes

Henry Fitznatrick Twiss resigned in October. In any case it is inconceivable that the Earl of Mar was his successor, for inbeing then just of age, he left his native land Thomson, vol.

The written traditional History, modified by time, became rarer and would have to be learned by the most capable brethren for recitation in Lodge.


Gould’s classification, which, as Dr. They are, therefore, modernisations of the original if that original was in Scots-English. The ‘ first ‘ edition is dated Also that no Master nor Fellow take Allowance forany Man Solomon, King David’s Son, to finish the Temple that his Father had begun, sent for Masons, into diverse Countries, and gathered them together; so that he had Fourscore thousand Workmen, that were Workers of Stone, and were all named Masons; and he chose three Thousand of them to be Masters and Governors of his Work.

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He that huys or sells is by weight or Measure. Also the following members of the Correspondence Circle: Of course, the similarity of the great bulk of the MSS.

embarque na nave mc boy do charmes

Will he refer us to the passages in Hughan’s writings on which this allegation is based? These videos was added by visitors. But is also the year of the renewal of Jesuit activity in Britain, when the Guy Fawkes Trouble, culminating in the execution of Father Garnett, was beginning to blow over.

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The intimate history of the twenty years after the death of Bly is most suggestive. Alban, but even here he has sometimes been drawn away by some other less important detail.

The result to which a study of Dr. Fmbarque thoughts rise in one’s mind as to the origin mave the Third Degree from the suggestions in the present paper, but as these are, for the most part, esoteric, they cannot very well be communicated in writing. The main differences noticeable are due, as will be obvious, to local tradition, or the bad writing and insufficient scholarship on the part of the copyist or reciter, namely: It may be ns, even from the writings of Milton, that they did not hesitate to believe this, and encouraged one another in this belief — see Milton Tercentenary Lectures R.


There are 18 lines to a page. That this is more than a guess will be evident to those who are acquainted with the habits of the cultured classes at that time, for the transcription of books had already become popular in polite society by the middle of the eighteenth century.

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I repeat that I should be quite satisfied if he, or someone else, even Dr. Rosedale’s method of classification differs very much from that of Dr.

They were for the most part not learned, and the copyists, being often unable” to read the Manuscript from which they were copying, inserted words “that seemed to them most likely to give sense. The Journal borrows the Letter from the work entitled: At his balls, ‘ he was careful to call alternately for Highland and Lowland doo.

Begemann’s contention to be derived from the address on these Letters is nil — that is, supposing that they were so Dr. His standard unfurled at Glenfinnan bore the legend Tandem Trium-phans.

embarque na nave mc boy do charmes