The exact clock frequencies are also given if more accuracy is needed. Here’s one way to use the realtime clock for a delay timer: A file can end up with it’s sectors scattered all over a disk. The PIA chip uses bytes of memory but needs only 4 bytes. In assembly language these commands are executed just as any other CIO command is. The cassette handler has two modes of operation. The major difference between these modes is where the dot by dot information comes from.

dosvec sio

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The new “B” type OS ROMs have apparently solved the problem of timeout that haunted the “A” ROMs; you saw it when the printer or disk drive periodically went to sleep timed out for a few seconds, causing severe anxiety attacks in the owners who thought their Ataris had just mysteriously died.

From the utilities menu you can use eio write DOS files option to save the changes on disk.

However, the characters are only 4 X 8 pixels. SAV file on the disk in drive one. The end of RAM is determined by trying to complement the first byte of each 4K block of memory.


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If characters are typed on the screen, and then the cursor is moved off the line, then back on the line, and new characters are typed, only the characters to the right of the reentry point of the cursor are input when [RETURN] is pressed.

If you use wild cards you will be asked to swap disks for each matching file. Command for CIO vector.

dosvec sio

From there, for 1K of memory, each eight bytes holds a “bit map” of a particular character. If no boundary is found, the entire horizontal screen between the ends of the line is filled. A jiffy is actually a long time to the computer. Below is how the letter A is stored in the character set.

The Cassette Handler C: Bad Things” Meiko vs Deadmau5.

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Therefore each byte only controls four pixels. The following is a diagram of the serial connector. However, it has a cartridge slot expansion.

dosvec sio

Go Hard Kreayshawn vs We Bang. The frequency, tois put into the frequency register. This will protect the program from the video hardware.

This way, you can display one screen while drawing on the other. Reading the QS shadow tells which interrupts are enabled.

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Mode 5 uses a screen of 80 columns by 48 rows. Only one color can be displayed at a time. The device name in the open command must be followed by a file name.


Any address called a “vector” uses two bytes whether noted or not. SYS file loads sik. System timers 3, 4, and 5 are decremented. To reset the same bit to 0, you would subtract 16 from the number in the register. The LSB will always be so it need not be specified. This means that each byte of a floating point number holds two decimal digits.

Each column is simply a representation of a bit map in a certain block of memory. This allows the DUP. A 1 6K cartridge will use both cartridge areas and the cartridge B taller area can be used for program code.

In mode 1 the screen holds 20 characters horizontally and 24 characters vertically. If there is no cartridge here it is ram.