Perhaps because of the family tradition of maritime service, Tawney joined the Royal Navy at the age of sixteen, serving for thirteen years, several of which were spent in submarines. Listen on from there. What about those two extra tracks on ‘Navy Cuts’? In , Tawney’s book Grey Funnel Lines: He made his radio debut on Christmas Day , in the Alan Lomax programme Sing Christmas, and his television debut the following Easter.

cyril tawney songs

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Although he championed the traditional folk songs of the west country and the sea, Cyril Tawney, who has died, aged 74, from a bacterial infection, also established a reputation as the writer of some of the best-loved songs of the folk revival.

Cyril Tawney

Lean and unwashed tiffy ‘Go RA’ meaning? He founded the West of England Folk Centre and was instrumental in setting up folk clubs in other places in the region. He earned his living in this way for 44 years, making him Britain’s longest-standing professional folksinger. More space available on the CD enabled them to add tawhey extra two tracks, but they didn’t change the track listing from the tape.

Obituary: Cyril Tawney | Global | The Guardian

In the early s he established his first folk club in Plymouthwhere he met his wife Rosemary. I believe I still sing a song or two of his, and somewhere in the depths of my musty cassette collection there lays one of his LPs, I’ve also got one of his Lps in my vinyl pile too! Keith A of Hertford Date: He was ssongs helpful and quite generous. Listen to one of the master songwriters of the revival. Cyril Tawney “, Roy Sonfs.


He and Rosemary, who survives him, moved to Exeter in I can also remember that many years ago I think during the 60s there were several benefit concerts for Cyril, because he had been diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease.

Five Foot Flirt, for example, was written inand, although he sang it in concerts for more than 50 years, its eongs owed much to a cover version by the Yetties.

cyril tawney songs

The problem’s universal, of course, not purely naval, but it’s especially familiar to former long-service RN personnel, and one reason why chaps have to give up attending those reunions. I would like to get his permission to record a song cgril composed. Eighty-two years old and a lovely bloke I’ve surfed the Internet but have not been able to get an address for him yet. What about those two extra tracks on ‘Navy Cuts’? Anybody heard this story?

cyril tawney songs

Tracks 15 and 16, which are not listed, and which, for want of better titles, I call sonhs the Doorway’ and ‘Sorrow Is My Stock-in-trade’.

I’m not sure about “In the Doorway” – is it the one about the drunken seaman on shore leave? Songs like “In the sidings now” were written at songw time – and some of them might have been forgotten if fans hadn’t refreshed his memory.


Born into a naval family in Gosport, Hampshire, Cyril joined the Royal Navy at 16, serving on submarines for 13 years.

Thanks to all – yes, I did reach Cyril Tawney. He died of a bacterial infection at Exeter in after a long illness.

Before long, he had a weekly television spot, as well as his own networked programme Watch Aboard, while still serving in the navy. Singing songs of land and sea “, The Guardian. The song makes reference to an unpopular dish dongs in the Royal Navy, consisting of fried egg on fried bread and called “chicken on a raft.

Cyril Tawney, UK folk singer

A Mayflower Garland 14 Obit: If you want to hear it I could bang it off to you! At tawneg, I think that’s right here in the US. Listen on from there. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Dave the ancient mariner Date: