Diagnostics Catch more than 1, errors — before you file. Yes, provided they have a Web Access Code. How it works Connect. Pathfinder tracks and lists information you enter in a handy, scrollable list. Authenticity guaranteed All archived Cantax programs are the originals.

cantax t1

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The individual tax return file itself carries the record of purchase, so that canax can be printed using any Cantax T2 product with a compatible version number. In-depth, focused information on all key areas of taxation written and updated by well-known tax experts. Cantax has all the tax preparation solutions that you need!

Importing Clients: CANTAX T1 and T2

Wealth Planner tools include:. And each year the new version of Cantax Archives will be available to you on a priority basis with the lowest available price.

cantax t1

You can accomplish more with Cantax T1 in less time, allowing you to stay focused on providing value-added services. You must also ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser settings. Cantaax tips and tricks and leverage best practices from experienced, expert trainers. Insert review notes to a cell or to the whole return.


cantax t1

Other time-saving features No need to flip back and forth between tax forms and enter the same data twice. Buy Tax Software and Forms Time to buy tax software? FormMaster quickly cross-references the correct field in the source form.

Professional tax preparation software you can use with confidence. The code will be mailed to them within a few days.

Immediate access to expert federal, provincial and commodity tax commentary and updates. Income statements and balance sheets now fit on one page. But what if you have simpler needs? Data, documents and notes are rolled forward year to year, so you can easily access spreadsheets and simple reminders with the appropriate form — no need to enter again.

Over slips and tax forms — all of the above and many more including: In addition, data that does not relate to a specific year, such as carried forward balances, will not be available.

Contact a representative today to learn more about Cantax. Prices are subject to change without notice. See a complete list of forms and slips you can access with FormMaster. Five-year tax snapshot presented in side-by-side columns. More and more T2 returns are being filed electronically. T1 returns for to T2 returns with taxation years beginning in and ending on or before October 31, T3 returns included in FormMaster for taxation years Pathfinder tracks and lists information you enter in a handy, scrollable list.


CIF is included in select Cantax T2 subscriptions.

Introducing CCH iFirm Cantax and CCH iFirm Taxprep

Download the free T2 corporate tax return software and pay only for tax returns you actually file. Cantax T1Plus The tax software that professionals depend on for personal taxes Cantax T1Plus has all the tools you need to work at peak efficiency during tax season.

cantax t1

Family returns Populate data fields automatically across family returns. No importing, no data entry.

The CRA uses the same secure Internet technology the banks use for online banking. The price of our tax software is great.

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