Line Of Defense Website. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Doesn’t install in Win 7. Smart became known to the then-nascent online gaming world through discussions taking place on Usenet about the game, his development efforts, and many other topics. You can also join a campaign in the Advanced Campaign Mode scenario consisting of a series of missions that are directly affected by the ever changing universe. The 25 Dumbest Moments in Gaming”.

battlecruiser 3000ad v2.0

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The choice is yours and the variations are endless. And the game industry finally got to experience the title in a better state.

Download Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0 (Windows)

I guarantee you that if there’s a neural net that does anything in [BC3K] this man would be in the Computer Science Hall of fame. Use transporters to beam personnel to and from surface strike zones. When asked by the gaming media about his thoughts on the deal, Smart stated “I’m paying for everything.

Retrieved 4 December In the end, it became obvious that it was a pointless excercise and the development almost came to a grinding halt… the only saving graces being the tenacity of the designer and development team as well as the support of thousands bttlecruiser gamers who had stuck by the title abttlecruiser all odds. Do you invade 3000ax planet today or join an NPC controlled force as they attack an enemy station deep in hostile territory?

battlecruiser 3000ad v2.0

Do you mine for valuable Iridium or do you destroy hostile assets for experience points that eventually lead to increase in the ranks? THQ later ran a parody of the ad, featuring a fully dressed, matronly woman mimicking Guest’s pose down to her chewing on the same finger and Battlecruiser AD replaced by a sign with the THQ logo.


Smart and Take-Two Interactive advertised that Battlecruiser AD used a neural network to perform artificial intelligence tasks in the game.

battlecruiser 3000ad v2.0

Watch your marines spring into action as they go in search of escaped prisoners or engage in combat with intruders that battldcruiser your ship. The game was to be exclusively distributed at Electronics Boutique locations and was self-published by his company AD, Inc. Battlecruiser AD is a science fiction video gamenoted for its long, troubled development history.

ZIP smart still hosts the final patched release on his battlecruiaer. Derek Smart then subsequently announced the end of development of the title.

Evacuate your personnel from decks that are subject to radiation due to reactor core breaches or quarantine your away teams that come back with infectious diseases. Immense, fully-dynamic battoecruiser Features a fully battlectuiser and evolving universe with over 13 alien races, including the feared Gammulans and irritating Vesperons.

In Gamespy named it the 19th most overrated game of all time due to the hype Derek produced with his extremely ambitious game play promises that he would ultimately be unable to fulfill. To get you going and hone your combat skills, enter Xtreme Carnage and take on space and planetary hostiles as you familiarize yourself with the operation of your fighters.

Battlecruiser AD | AD

Destroy stations and other surface based assets and observe as they are rebuilt over time and reinforced with more advanced components. Just one click to download at full speed!


The game was later released in other territories by Jack Of All Games and other distributors. Roddy1 -4 points. Most games lock you into a linear plot and if you manage to break free and finish the game, you have no choice but to shelve the game and go in search of another to fill the void.

With access to this complex ship, an awesome array of batglecruiser and a dedicated crew, the decisions you make can mean the difference between life and death as you assume batlecruiser command control of your ship and crew. If you have trouble to run Battlecruiser AD v2. Read our screenshot tutorial. You make your own rules but step out of 3000ar and face a court-martial or worse, make a bad decision and your crew die. The game first appeared on the cover of Strategy Plus in March 23 February freeware v2.

Line Of Defense Website. Universal Combat TLC dev status update. Trade hundreds of items with dozens of stations and bases.

Gamespot gave it a score of 2. The v.20 was marketed as “The last thing you’ll ever desire” in pre-release ads that ran in computer gaming magazines. Yoruba 0 point.