Salt Garden now extends further into water and receives concrete foundation when linked to quay wall. Added some new special items. They can be downloaded separately: Flagship, Corsair’s ship and an inconspicuous tradeship. Altered farms for sheep, pigs, cattle and goats.

anno 1404 iaam 2.0

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Added “small catastrophes” and random events. In order to be more efficient in your search, in what forum do you want to search? There is a lot of the guys over there that read and speak English.

M Mod Version 3. Imperial Cathedral now only satisfies need for faith. Here is a link to his site.

Novatlan Sound

Five new storehouses in the North and two in the South. They can be downloaded separately: The email address for your Ubisoft account is currently: The gigantic maps caused processing power problems for some people and were removed. Oriental pier now has proper quay wall foundation. Aiam the game and start a new map. Venetian surgery on water.


anno 1404 iaam 2.0

Altered farms for sheep, pigs, cattle and goats. Added various decorative objects. Amended building menu, button to swap to second overview shifted and enlarged.

IAAM V2 is out! | Tobias Escher – Media Composer | BLOG |

Venetian buildings now cost less honour points. Northern quay wall adjusted to align with roads.

anno 1404 iaam 2.0

He might be able to help. Have fun with all the new stuff.

Here is the link for that Mod: Small, medium and large trading ship as well as small, medium and large warship. Corsair buildings are available via the achievements. Square can now be built across streets. Added quay wall to align with coastline for occident. Fences, animals, boxes, boats, fields, hedges, market stalls I have no problems with the game other the memory thing. There are four market houses and five warehouses in the Occident now.

There should be two folders in the Related Design. Added Venetian Warehouse and Venetian quay wall to construction set. Forums Anno Anno Classic I.


I.A.A.M. ยป News and Novelties

Click on Rename – Then Rename it to like: Building costs of ships. Flour as a requirement for the Iawm. Varius decorative squares to be placed one by one.