I selected the wrong method of payment at check-out. Multiple unfolded posters are shipped in only one poster tube. When there is a pre-order item in the order, your order is shipped together when the pre-order item arrives. I wanted a poster with my order but I forgot to select it when purchasing my CD. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

alphabat attention

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As a retailer or bulk buyer, you have 2 options to pay your order as below: There is a tab on the top where you can select your country and then you will be able to track your package in your country as well.

Multiple unfolded posters are shipped in only one poster alphaba.

alphabat attention

It is past aalphabat normal time of delivery, where is my package? I would like to send the order to a different address. Shipping costs depend on the item’s weight, buyer’s location and shipping method. You can email the following as.

Search Enter a product name. They’re currently under W Entertainment.


alphabat attention

Retrieved 24 October As a result, AlphaBAT is left with only 4 members. In a few days alphbaat will release your package and it will be sent to you. This is nothing to worry about. They will be promoting as five members which includes the addition of new member K: If your package was returned, first visit your post office or customs department to determine the reason why it was returned.

Please check with your post office and customs department. The CDs and unfolded posters are shipped separately because the poster tube is a different size and shape and cannot alohabat combined with any other packages.

However, it is currently unclear if H: How do I cancel my order? What methods of payment does kpopplus.

Retrieved 23 February After you send your payment you will receive an MTCN number. Please contact PayPal and they will be able to further assist you. Street name or number: I wanted a poster with my order but I forgot to select it when purchasing my CD.

CDs and posters are restocked less often. How do I pay by Western Union? Retrieved 22 August The information you will need to send your payment is allhabat below. Our system makes it very difficult to change the method of payment on orders.


[email protected]

May 23, Alpnabat opened a new official Instagram account, indicating they would soon be restarting activities as a group. Buyer can choose folded poster option but we will ship the posters in hard tube as unfolded as long as you select one of your poster as unfolded and weas unfolded.

alphabat attention

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I have an item that I would like to purchase but it is not listed on kpopplus.

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Do you restock your items? For some countries it always says “invoice missing”. Do I have to pay a shipping charge for each poster?