His prohibition was canceled in and soon he had the permission to make an album he released Sib-e Noghre at the same year. He has composed most of his pieces. Gole yakh The Nima video. Kieh, Kieh is a slow Pop ballad. No dictatorship has ever been able to do that.

ahange gole yakh kourosh yaghmaei

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His name is originated from the famous Persian Emperor Cyrus. Whatever will become of the situation in Uakh, the powers that be, will not be able to turn back the wheel of time.

ahange gole yakh kourosh yaghmaei

They began to play surf rock when Kourosh was studying sociology in Iran National University. Until I will hopefully find out more about them later this week, they will remain nameless.

Kourosh Yaghmaei : The Resisting Psychedelic Rock Icon of Iran

The artists I present are either anonymous or pseudonymous or dead or no longer active. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Despite its primitive sound palette selection containing Seinfeld type slap basses and midi sounds, this album is precious as we all know the conditions that Kourosh had to involve.

Lichtspielhaus is about going to the movies with your kourosn.

ahange gole yakh kourosh yaghmaei

I can already hear the Russian tanks rolling in the back …. Thanks a lot Robert! I still plan to make an album for every few years for my people. I feel that if nobody has cared to reissue a record in 50 years, it is fair to present it.


ahange gole yakh kourosh yaghmaei

Even with 8 track he recorded live and in one take except solo kouorsh and guitar. Like share and subscribe for more interesting videos. There is so much that Iran could give to the world if the people would be free. His musician son Kaveh also preffered to live in Vancouver of Canada by the year They mostly start out real bad but it gets better towards the middle. This site uses cookies.

Kourosh Yaghmaei – Gole Yakh (گل یخ)

This is a two minute extract of Kourosh Yaghmei’s popular Persian song Gole Yakh, re recorded on a over year old wax cylinder and being played on an I should have at least recognized the voice.

New records every Thursday. On the other hand western instruments were easily heard as a paradox. This is great stuff!!!

Kourosh Yaghmaei | Discover music on NTS

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. According to Kevan Harris, a lecturer from the University of California, the governments after the Islamic revolution were too much motivated to stop the impacts of American and European yaghjaei therefore it was convinced to diminish musicians like Kourosh.


Gole Yakh Piano by Michelle Moghaddam. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Preferably with cartoon covers.

Ykah father was a wealthy landlord and he started his musical career with a santoor his father bought for him. Despite the high sales he could only gain a modest royalty from all these records.

Videos matching Gole Yakh (Kourosh Yaghmaei) Midi-Instrumental-Sheet music | Revolvy

This record has the same usual white and yellow front but a black b-side. Like the protesters that are currently being beaten and murdered in Iran… Update: They can rule with fear and scare everyone to death. On the other hand I decided not to publish my works in my country to protest the government for its attitudes to wipe koueosh the culture.

Beginning with prohibitions began to felt although the legal limits were undefined.

He recorded at least one other 45 for the Vogue sub-label Hit-ton.