Thanks so much Do you have other way? I made the above mentioned cable and tried to connect to a CPM-E3 but without any succes. Plus, once again there was a surge in technology. Any help is welcomed! Thanks to this, users save a lot of time and resources using this tool, even compared to other Actsip tools. The more often the processor is looking at that input, the less likely you will experience an error! In the simplest terms, supposed you have a switch connected to a relay.


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If you have any questions regarding this, contact us at software lighthouseplcs. Tried to make a connection You can be in different starting positions.


This qctsip-e cause your process or machine to behave strangely. Now the project is translated. For comparison, and ease of understanding, wiring diagrams from both PLCs are presented below. Wiring numbers may have to be changed to reflect allocation changes. This module is a stand alone programming system for all PLC in the Hitachi family, where the center of the programming is “Grafcet” as the widely accepted standard IEC Smaller relays were used as part of this size reduction. If you do not have the software, be prepare for some long hours and tedious work.


Support Documents : EC2 Upgrade

He has authored many technical papers and Industry Newsletter articles during his year career. Your Hitachi PLC has been a good investment, and has made you money. To maximize your investment, actskp-e build success upon success, you have chosen wisely in upgrading to a new Hitachi unit. Made a cable with these connections comes from http: Restating, make sure that all circuits on a certain voltage like VAC are grouped together under the same common and do not terminate under a neighboring section of a different like 24VDC voltage.

Software : Actron A.B.

Save the project under a new name and print the cross-reference list. The way to construct the project avtsip-e identical, as are menus and the help system. All there for your use should you decide to optimize your process. Please read our Privacy Policy. This documentation is extremely valuable as a troubleshooting aid, or for machine diagnostics.

Supposed you have an old push-button and the spring inside is getting weak. Since the programming of H series allows large projects these functions are of even greater economical value here. Actsipe gives a message that: This is actually pretty slow when you are used to working in the digital world, but it seems to happen almost instantaneously.

I made the above mentioned cable and tried to connect to a CPM-E3 but without any succes. One other item worth mentioning is that some acgsip-e in the past used the scan time as a basis for a timer. So, the obvious caution here, is to make sure that IF you have more than one voltage source on the relay output of your existing PLC, that there is sufficient number of actsip-r per common to accommodate your needs. And, you get 4 additional basic commands, and 25 additional Applications and Arithmetic Instructions.


I never worked with such PLC and the reason why I need the program is to convert the code into S7 code.

Actsip software

The down-time involved in upgrading is generally much less than converting to a different brand Actisp-e. To select between these, there is an on screen help box. Please note that this software is not provided by Hitachi, and is a demo version only. This module corresponds to Actsip-E for the more powerful H series.


Contact us for more information or assistance. The project can be PLC independently.